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If you would like to become a footrescue® franchise partner, this section of our website will give you an insight into how you can become part of one of the UK’s most exciting and growing franchise opportunities.

introduction and overview

With the ever-changing political and financial environment we live in and NHS podiatry departments often bearing the burden of budget cuts and service re-design, life can become even more challenging for Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

How often have you considered becoming your own boss?

Why not run your own successful footrescue® franchise or even a chain of footrescue® clinics?

footrescue® established in 2005 is one of the first ever companies to launch a network of franchised podiatry clinics, and through hard work and determination it has become one of the most respected and dynamic podiatry brands within the industry.


Most newly qualified Podiatrists have a desire to own and run their own business. However research has shown that it can take up to four years for this to actually come to fruition. At footrescue® we can shorten this gap by up to three and a half years.

As a company, footrescue® is committed to continued success in the market it serves. Accordingly, we will put everything into achieving just that. We can provide you with the know how of running your own podiatry business but without the sharp learning curve that is associated with starting out on your own.

The Podiatry industry is buoyant, growing and here to stay, proving it to be a recession-proof market.  In the current financial climate, public sector services are struggling to obtain funding and therefore struggling to meet demand, more and more people are choosing the private sector for their foot care because they are unwilling to languish on long NHS waiting lists.

but i'm not a podiatrist

Both our franchise models (a management franchise and a unit franchise) have been designed to provide a full professional service to a vast marketplace of potential customers in the foot health sector.

As a management franchisee, prospective franchisees require no industry experience as full training is provided and you can recruit the podiatry staff to work in your clinics. Your skills will be based on your own management and sales experience and your ability to lead a team.

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